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Lithographic Products

Subtractive Developer

This negative working developer is used to process Agfa, Anocoil, Dot Works, Kodak-Polychrome Elite, IBF, Konica, Southern Litho and many more OEM plates. It is ready-to-use and requires no dilution. It can be used by hand with a soft sponge or with any negative plate processor. Finish with Subtractive Finisher.

Subtractive Developer SDS

Subtractive Developer F

This negative working developer is used to process Fuji and IBF plates. It is ready-to-use and does not require dilution. It can be used by hand with a soft sponge or with any negative plate processor. Finish with Subtractive Finisher. 

Subtractive Developer F SDS

Subtractive Finisher

This finisher has been designed to work in processors which do not possess good squeegee pressure between the final finishing rollers.   It provides a “light” yet effective seal to both negative and positive plates as well as Violet & Thermal plates and does not build up on the rollers like the standard “Gum Arabic” based finishers. When used by hand it must be buffed down to provide a good protective seal.

Subtractive Plate Finisher SDS

2-in-1 Developer/Finisher

This negative working developer and finisher is used to process and finish Agfa, Anocoil, Dot Works, Kodak-Polychrome, Konica, IBF, Presstek, Southern Litho and many more OEM plates. Using a soft pad or sponge gently spread over the entire plate surface, until all the non-image areas have beenremoved. Dry the plate thoroughly using a clean cloth until perfectly dry. Do not wash the plate until it is mounted on the press. May also be used in any 2-in-1 plate processor. 

2 in 1 Developer Finisher SDS

Violet Plate Developer

For use with Agfa, Fuji, Kodak & Konica violet plates. Process the plates as you would any standard negative analog plate using the description in “Subtractive Developer.” Finish with Subtractive Finisher.

Violet Plate Developer SDS

Pre-bake Solution

To be used prior to baking conventional Positive and Positive CTP lithographic printing plates. Apply to the entire surface of the plate with a clean sponge and buff dry. May also be used with any plate processor.

Prebake Solution SDS

NS-50 Neutralizing Solution

Is specially formulated to be used to neutralize alkaline Developers. It is designed for use in Neutralizing systems and is highly competitive in the rapidly emerging field of waste control and management. As long as the proper maintenance and use of the system is adhered to, USF Neutralizer will not harm any known systems being used.

Neutralizing Solution 50 SDS

Plate Cleaner/Preserver/Finisher

For cleaning, preserving and finishing all negative and positive working lithographic plates. This is a thick white milky product. Apply to the plate with a clean damp sponge, work over the entire surface until it is perfectly clean. Buff dry with a clean cloth making sure there are no visible streaks. The plate can be stored for up to one year.

Plate Cleaner Preserver Finisher SDS



Silicone/Anti-stat SA 60

This a special formulation for high speed web-offset presses. I can be diluted with water to the desired consistency. It also contains a biocide to prevent algae build up.

Silicone Antistat SDS


p2CTP Fount Solution

A specially designed fount solution for computer-to-plate images which sensitizes the image areas to more readily accept ink. 

CTP Fountain Solution SDS


Fount Solution Systems Cleaner

This is a concentrated/non foaming cleaner for heat-set web-offset fount systems. It cleans and flushes all build up of paper and ink sludge which accumulates after multiple impressions. Dilution rates should be calculated according to press manufacturer instructions


Coolants, Lubricants & Cleaners 

SPO Fluid 467 – Multifuncional Oil

This oil can be used in many metal working environments where equipment wear is an issue. This product provides EP properties without the addition of chlorine or phosphorus.

SPO Fluid 467 SDS

FBC Fluid 22 – gear cutting fluid

This product was developed with friction modification properties that virtually eliminate the wear and friction associated between the tool and the work piece.

FBC Fluid 22 SDS


p8Wood Saw Lubricant – band-saw specific

This an aqueous based synthetic lubricant/coolant designed to increase the life of band-saw blades. This product can be diluted with water for additional cooling properties. Can be used in spray, mist or drip applicators.

Wood Saw Lubricant SDS

p7Wood Pitch Cleaner – band-saw applications

This detergent based cleaner for blades, saws, machines, parts, router bits, shaper cutters and equipment associated with the wood cutting process.

Wood Pitch Cleaner SDS


p9Soluble Oil 504

All-purpose water soluble oil for tool cutting, band-saw work, milling, drilling and/or grinding.